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There is more than just pink and blue for children’s clothes.

We at Dotted Doxie believe in equality wherein a positive outlook towards things is important most especially to our kids. This positive outlook will help them in growing up to eventually build self-esteem. This self-esteem will then be a strong tool for our kids during their formative stages that will help them cope up with everyday challenges. We believe that what boys can do, girls can do too, and we want to emphasize it to our kids right from their early stages.

Our goal is to help them build that self-esteem right at the early stages of their lives by providing gender neutral T-shirts for both boys and girls. Our clothes not only have the usual colors intended for boys and girls, but they are available in different bright colors that are truly attractive and create individuality. We believe that these stereotypical colors hinder the variety and choices of clothes for our kids. This made us start the campaign to erase that stereotype and release kids from being stuck in a small room when they wear something.

We strive to promote equality between genders. Everyone should have the same opportunities as everybody else. By providing clothes with empowering and encouraging words, the kids wearing our clothes will have a notion that there should be no gender or social hindrances in their lives as they grow up. Once these qualities are instilled in them at an early age, it will help them create confidence as they grow up. Aside from that, we target having more variety in choosing clothes for kids as we don’t offer our clothes in blue or pink only. These colors are stereotyped ones that pinpoint gender, and we don’t want that. Our clothes come with a wide variety of colors, colors that radiate and empower!

It´s time to break the stereotypes, it´s time for Dotted Doxie!

Designs: Cool To School Collection

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